Fall Hair Trends: Hairstyles and Colors for the Autumn Season

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Not just our clothes need to be updated for the fall as the leaves start to change color & the temperature starts to drop. To reflect the changing of the seasons, our hairstyles also merit a makeover. Fall is the ideal season to try out new hairstyles & embrace a fresh look.

Key Takeaways

  • Fall hair trends include classic styles with modern twists
  • Popular hairstyles for fall include the bob, shaggy look, and braids/twists
  • Red and copper tones are the hottest hair colors for autumn
  • Balayage and ombre are popular fall hair color trends
  • Low-maintenance hairstyles are perfect for busy fall days

This post will discuss the newest trends in hair color and style for the fall and offer advice on how to keep your hair looking its best. There are certain trends that never go out of style when it comes to fall hairstyles. The bob is one of the most in-demand hairstyles this season. Adaptable to any face shape & hair type, this classic style is timeless. The bob is a timeless style option, regardless of whether you choose a straight, sleek look or one that is textured and tousled.

My friend from last fall decided to give a bob haircut a try for the first time. She was apprehensive at first, but after making the move, she was ecstatic. She looked elegant and modern with the bob, which went well with the fall foliage.

Throughout the entire season, she maintained her amazing hairstyle. Fall is a great time to try new hair colors and styles, as well as hair color experiments. Warm, rich colors that are ideal for the fall are inspired by the changing foliage. The best hair colors for fall are fiery reds, warm blondes, & deep browns. I saw a celebrity last fall who had amazing red hair that really popped.

The vivid color scheme enhanced her complexion to perfection and gave her entire appearance a hint of warmth. Her decision was audacious, striking a chord and demonstrating her self-assurance. It just goes to show that you can look completely different and have a new look for the season with a new hair color.

Many people opt for the classic bob when it comes to fall hairstyles. With a blunt cut that falls normally just below the chin, this versatile haircut is defined by its straightness. Women of all ages choose the bob because it can be tailored to fit any face shape or hair type. It was during the fall season a few years ago that I had a bob haircut. When I saw the finished product, I instantly fell in love with my hair, even though I was first apprehensive about making such a drastic change.

My new, stylish appearance that went well with the fall foliage was thanks to the bob. I got lots of praises on this hairstyle, which I stuck with for the entire season. The shaggy look is another favourite autumnal hairstyle. The layered and textured appearance of this hairstyle lends it an air of ease & effortlessness.

Because it gives the hair movement and volume, the shaggy style is ideal for fall & conveys coziness & warmth. My friend tried the shaggy look last fall & got compliments all over the place. Her face shape was perfectly complemented by the layered and textured style, which also gave her overall appearance a hint of edginess.

She adopted this hairstyle consistently for the duration of the season, making it her go-to appearance. Braids and twists are always a popular option when it comes to fall hairstyles. These hairstyles not only look fashionable and put together, but they also keep your hair out of your face on blustery autumn days. Braids and twists can be styled to fit any occasion, whether you choose a traditional French braid, a fishtail braid, or a twisted updo. My cousin tried a braided hairstyle for the first time last fall and looked amazing.

Her entire appearance was made more elegant by the braids, which also kept her hair in place all day. She stuck with the hairstyle the entire season, making it her go-to appearance for both formal and informal settings. Copper tones and reds are always in style when it comes to fall hair color. Warm and vivid colors that evoke the spirit of fall and lend a hint of luxury to any ensemble.

Red and copper tones are sure to turn heads, whether you go for a deep burgundy, fiery copper, or subdued auburn. Last fall, a coworker of mine decided to try red hair, and everyone in the office complimented her on her decision. Bright colors complemented her complexion well & gave her appearance a hint of warmth. She made a statement with her daring decision, which exuded confidence.

It just goes to show that you can look completely different and have a new look for the season with a new hair color. Choosing balayage & ombre hair color techniques are also popular choices for the fall season, in addition to solid colors. Balayage is applying highlights to hair by hand to give it a natural, sun-kissed appearance.

The gradual change from one color to another—usually from dark to light—is what is meant by an ombre. My appearance was drastically changed when I had balayage hair color last autumn. My hair looked more natural and sun-kissed thanks to the hand-painted highlights, which gave it more depth and dimension. It was an easy-to-maintain hair color that went great with the fall foliage & gave me a carefree, fresh appearance. Many people have busy fall months because work picks up and school resumes.

Low-maintenance hairstyles that still look fashionable and put together are essential for people with busy morning schedules. Fall fashion trends for low-maintenance hair include textured ponytails, top knots, and messy buns. Last fall, one of my friends tried a low-maintenance hairstyle, & she was hooked. In addition to keeping her hair out of her face on hectic days, the messy bun elevated her entire appearance with a hint of carefree elegance.

She adopted this hairstyle for the duration of the season, making it her go-to appearance for hectic fall days. Even though fall is a lovely season, it can be damaging to our hair. Dryness and damage can result from the combination of indoor heating and changing weather.

It’s crucial to exercise extra caution & adhere to a few basic guidelines in order to keep your hair healthy throughout the fall. Using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will help you keep your hair hydrated, to start. This will maintain the health and luster of your hair while assisting in the fight against dryness. Also, it’s crucial to shield your hair from the weather when you’re outside by donning a scarf or hat. This will lessen the likelihood of wind and cold-related damage.

A few years ago, in the fall, I seem to recall having hair damage. My hair seemed dry and lifeless because of the combination of indoor heating and dry weather. It served as a reminder to me to look after my hair more carefully during this period. I was successful in regaining my hair’s health & vibrancy by using moisturizing products in conjunction with a regular hair care regimen. In summary, as autumn draws near, it’s essential to adopt fresh hairstyles and embrace the latest trends. There are several alternatives to pick from, including a traditional bob, a shaggy appearance, and braided hairstyles.

Experimenting with different hair colors, like balayage and ombre techniques or red & copper tones, can also totally change your appearance and give you a new look for the season. Don’t forget to maintain your hair during the fall by adding moisturizing products to your regimen and adhering to a regular hair care schedule. You’ll be able to keep your hair looking gorgeous and healthy well into the fall and long after. Thus, why not give a fresh fall hairstyle or color a shot?

You might just find a look that you adore and that embodies the ideals of the fall season.


What are the popular hairstyles for fall?

The popular hairstyles for fall include blunt bobs, textured layers, shaggy cuts, and long waves.

What hair colors are trending for fall?

The trending hair colors for fall include warm tones like caramel, honey, and chestnut, as well as bold shades like red, burgundy, and copper.

What is the difference between balayage and ombre?

Balayage is a hair coloring technique where the color is painted onto the hair in a freehand manner, creating a natural-looking, sun-kissed effect. Ombre, on the other hand, is a gradual blending of one color to another, typically from dark to light.

Can I still wear my summer hair accessories in the fall?

Yes, you can still wear your summer hair accessories in the fall. However, you may want to opt for accessories in darker colors or with more texture to complement the autumn season.

How can I protect my hair from the colder weather?

To protect your hair from the colder weather, you can use a deep conditioning treatment once a week, avoid using hot tools too often, and wear a hat or scarf to cover your hair when outside.

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